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Chinese Sign: Rooster

Sign of the Rooster

Chinese name: JI
Order: Tenth
Ruling hours: 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Direction of the Sign: Directly West
Season and Month: Autumn-September
Western Sign: Virgo
Fixed Element: Metal
Root: Negative

The Rooster is the Don Quixote of the Chinese cycle. It is the intrepid hero who needs to keep its feet firmly on the ground. In order to survive, it's the most eccentric and misunderstood of all the signs. From the outside, we see aggression and self-confidence but deep down, he or she is conservative and old-fashioned. Those born in the Year of the Rooster, especially men, will be attractive, even really handsome.

They are proud of their fine feathers and carry themselves well. You'll never see a listless Rooster. They are very dignified and even the most timid of the Rooster family will be elegant and will be noticed wherever he or she goes. There are different types of Rooster: chatty ones and solemn observers. It's difficult to deal with both. The Rooster has many noticeable qualities and is shrewd, attractive, precise, organized, decisive, honest, on the ball and very frank. But he or she can also be brutally critical. Never ask a Rooster for his or her honest opinion as you may never get over the trauma! Roosters love discussing and debating (to show just how intelligent they are) and sometimes don't respect others as they ought to.

When someone ruffles the Rooster's feathers, he or she becomes intolerable. Roosters are not cut out for diplomacy, so situations which demand tact, delicacy and discretion are difficult for them. They go around trying to convince others to think their way, with the zeal of a missionary. A showy type, the Rooster loves being the center of attention. He or she has an imposing personality and could work in a career in the public eye. Cheerful, lively and amusing, the magnificent Rooster never misses a chance to list his adventures and feats. Eloquent, Roosters have good verbal and written communication skills and are prepared to talk on any topic. If you want to challenge the Rooster to discuss a controversial topic, be ready for a long, hard battle the Rooster is extraordinarily resistant.

The Chinese sign Rooster according to its Element

Metal Rooster
The Rooster is practical, demanding, industrious and able to win over others with his or her brilliant skills of deduction. This sign is passionate about his or her job. The Rooster has the gift of oratory and can use this to silence the voice of adversaries. Although this sign is concrete and reasonable, he or she finds it hard to be impartial when personally affected. He or she wants order and hygiene in his or her life. The Rooster gains satisfaction from solving social problems.

Water Rooster
This is a Rooster who loves intellectual initiatives. He or she is energetic, using resources to assure the help of others. The sign is practical and with clear ideas, both for ruling the masses and for pushing others to act spontaneously. He or she has strong scientific tendencies, is interested in medicine and in problems related to health and technology.

Wood Rooster
Expansive and considerate, this sign has a vast vision of life. The Rooster must learn to contain his or her enthusiasm and not expect everyone else to have the same amount of energy and dedication. Wood steers this sign towards progress and when wood combines with his or her greatest virtues, honesty and integrity, activies are excellent and the results amaze everyone. For the Rooster, life will be a dream providing he or she doesn't rush into too many imaginative projects.

Fire Rooster
This Rooster is vigorous, extremely motivated and authoritative. He or she has solid principles and determination when seeking success. He or she will show above average managerial qualities. Sometimes the Rooster is inflexible when concluding useful deals and tends to study people and situations under a microscope. However, this sign has good organisational skills and, deep down, has good intentions. He or she has a stimulating and dynamic public image.

Earth Rooster
Studious and analytical, the Rooster seeks the truth. Earth makes him or her precise, efficient and prudent. The Rooster is not scared of taking on responsibility and expresses his or her opinions frankly. He or she is dogmatic, has a strong missionary spirit and lives a simple and austere existence. He or she urges everyone to work more and follow his or her shining example.

Famous personalities
Yves Montand
Elton John
Pope Paolo VI
Prince Philip of England
Peter Ustinov
Paul Gallico
D.K. Ludwig
Edward Land
Elia Kazan
Andrei Gromiko
Peter Druker
Katharine Hepburn

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