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Chinese Sign: Horse

Sign of the Horse

Chinese name: MA
Order: Seventh
Ruling hours: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Direction of the Sign: Directly South
Season and Month: Summer - June
Western Sign: Gemini
Fixed Element: Fire
Root: Positive

Those born in the Year of the Horse are cheerful, well-loved and on the ball. They have more sex-appeal than great beauty. They are down to earth, charming, perceptive and loquacious. However, their changeable ways can sometimes make them susceptible, rash and stubborn. The unpredictable Horse falls in Love easily yet falls out of Love with the same ease. Very often the independent Horse leaves the family home at a young age or starts work young.

Those born in the Year of the Horse have an adventurous soul but are famous for their quick mind and good head for finance. Self-confident, vivacious, impetuous and maybe even a little impudent, they dress flamboyantly in bright or bold colors and patterns. They love physical and mental activity and are easily recognized by their fast yet elegant movement, quick reflexes and refined way of speaking. They react quickly and take decisions on the spur of the moment. They have a quick mind and although may lack stability and perseverance, they make up for this with an open and flexible mentality. Fundamentally they are non conformist and are often called playboys (or playgirls)! They like chaos, love being the center of attention and enjoy giving and receiving compliments.

They are as successful in love as they are in business. On the ball and agile, they shrewdly evaluate every situation and manage to turn things their way.
On the negative side, they are impulsive and obstinate with an explosive temper (although they often forget why they were angry in the first place). Some people find them unpleasant and this makes those born in the Year of the Horse lose their credibility. They tend to rush others and get irritated when others don't act quickly or efficiently. They ask a lot of others but not wiling to give so much back, especially when their precious freedom is at stake. They can be childish, mean and capricious and are often scatty, forgetful and prone to reaching quick conclusions. Those born in the Year of the Horse, want everything done their way and, being egocentrical, want the life of their relatives and friends to revolve around theirs.

The Chinese sign Horse according to its Element

Metal Horse
This sign falls in love easily, charming those of the opposite sex. Gifted with a lofty mind and fervid intuition, the Horse tackles major undertakings. Thanks to the fact the Horse can always get back on his/her feet, this sign never stays still but tends to reach the top of the ladder. This sign continuously aspires to new experiences and new challenges.

Water Horse
Cheerful and elegant, the Horse has a flair for business. He or she adapts to change without batting an eyelid. Has nomadic instincts and is a little restless. The Horse is passionate about travel and sport and changes course without giving explanations to anyone. This sign has a delightful sense of humour and knows that he or she is amusing, lively and colourful. The Horse can talk about anything with anyone.

Wood Horse
Friendly and ready to collaborate with everyone. He or she thinks in a clear and systematic way. Has a friendly nature and is socially active. Is progressive, modern and not very sentimental, throwing away old things and seeking out new items with joy. This sign's imagination is fascinated by change and inventions. He or she loves exploring new fields, without however ignoring his or her own responsibilities.

Fire Horse
A flamboyant and wandering Horse, with great intelligence and magnetism. Has charm, spirit and good taste but this sign's flood of ideas makes him or her extremely voluble. The Horse loves travelling and works very well if steered towards an initiative. He or she is always on the hunt for emotions. The Horse knows how to cleverly resolve delicate and complex issues. This sign is blessed with ingenuity but not perseverance.

Earth Horse
Happy and cheerful, this sign should be more logical and focus less on taking decisions. Before acting, he or she weighs up all the sides of a problem. The Horse is calm and moves in an orderly fashion when necessary. He or she knows how to put shaky businesses back in order and help industries which are scraping a living, quickly sniffing out profitable investments.

Famous personalities
Neil Armstrong
Barbara Streisand
Paul McCartney
Theodore Roosevelt
Leonard Bernstein
Duca di Windsor
Nikita Kruscev
A. Solgenitzin
Leonid Breznev
Roberto Rossellini
Anwar Sadat

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